HOUSTON, TX Light Commercial Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement.

Commercial buildings are built with complex systems that all must work together in order for everything to run smoothly and efficiently.  This is why when it comes to heating and air conditioning, it is important to make sure the installation is done correctly by experienced professionals.  Hage Energy in Houston, TX has years of experience working with, installing and replacing a wide variety of HVAC systems, their parts and is well aware of the complexities and intricacies that need to be addressed during the installation or replacement process.

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There are several different options when it comes to Commercial HVAC.  The needs and requirements of the building and construction are taken into account in order to choose the best solution for the building.   Some of these options may include:

Package Units:  This type of HVAC solution places all the components into a single “package”, which then connects to the ventilation system of the building.

Split Unit: A split air conditioner is comprised of 2 units. One is a condensing unit and the other is an evaporative unit or condensor. These units get joined together by what is called a “line-set”.

RTU (Roof Top Unit): An RTU is a rooftop system that handles the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning to the building below.

Server Room Air Conditioner:  These units are typically self sufficient and are able to handle the task of keeping computer systems, wiring and data system components cooled at optimal temperatures.


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